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I can’t believe it’s been six months since I last posted here on my site – wow, I’ve really not been following the posting schedule I planned on. But ok – here’s a new one from this month!
First off I want to wish everyone a happy new year!
2015 was a really good year, for both the personal side and the photography part of my days. I got a hand full of new experiences, and I’m a whole new year wiser. So to 2016 – I’m really looking forward for see what this year brings.

December was a weird month here in Ålesund. We had several days with warm weather, and the whole month was a continuous down pour of rain. We often look to Bergen as the rain capital, but in December, I would have guessed we surpassed them in total.
And then January came, with a shock wave of cold winter.
I checked the predictions of northern lights, the time of the new moon and the weather. Everything lined up, and as a long time wish – I wanted to get the northern lights, clear starry sky and a new angle of Ålesund – without Fjellstua and Byrampen (the most used spots for shooting). And as the result above shows; this was a good match!
I’m really happy with this shot. I stood model for 30 seconds in this one, and it’s quite hard to stand perfectly still for half a minute. If I move, the picture gets blurry around me, and I have to retake the shot. Some editing had to be done around the contours of myself – but the end result was great.
I also had to do several exposures to get the city lights, myself and the starry sky. Because of the dynamic range from black to white – it could not be done in one single exposure.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I’ll try to post more regular here on the site, not just focus on the photography page over at Facebook. And ’till next time – have a nice one!