One of my favorite places to go, is Molnes. This is a rocky and sandy shore facing the open sea at Vigra. My father grew up here, and in the past years, mostly because of my photo interests – I’ve come back to this place. It’s something special about it. So surreal, but yet so close to home. Might sound a bit strange, but yeah, it’s kind of a weird, yet beautiful place.

This photo was snapped this evening, actually so fresh I have the photo in the background, just finished editing. Most of the time I let the photo rest for a day or two, so that my eyes get to reset before I upload it. I find that I always come back to it and want to change some little thing, either the temperature of the whole scene, or mask somehting out in the corner. Just picky that way.

It’s a long exposure of the waves crashing in over the wet rocks. This gives the photo a silky smooth look, and kind of a calm feel to it. I like this process. Makes me want to print it large and hang it up.

Anywho, it’s friday, and I know I have some TVshows backed up on the TV for my viewing pleasure! Hope you have a great weekend!

– Ruben