Good evening my good friends, hope you’re having a great weekend. Here in Aalesund, we’ve been handling a bit of rough weather and a total power outage that lasted for about an hour or so this evening. I was actually playing a game online with some friends when the power went out. I called my friends up and they said the blackout had reached them at Moa as well, about 10 km from where I live. So this was probably a blackout that affected most of Aalesund.

And then it hit me. Stormy weather means great clouds, the moon was just behind the cover and a total blackout in the city. Picture time! Haha.. So I grabbed my camera from the car, scratched my head on how to get the garage door open when the power was out – luckily the power came back for two minutes and then out. During I managed to open the door with the clicker. Somebody must have heard my and put it back on for those two minutes, haha.

Arrived at Fjellstua, along with about 70 other people who thought the same as me. The owners at Fjellstua had locked the gate so that nobody could go out on the panoramic view, but a buddy of mine showed me an «alternative» route around the fence. Haha.. some times you just have to make the best of the situation.

Out on the view it was windy as can be, I had to hold the camera with both hands – and forgetting about the tripod – the tripod fell over. And yes, I was looking very professional there in the wind. Haha! Just as I set up, the clouds opened up and gave us a moonlit city, with visible candle lights in the windows down below and car headlights shining in the streets. And amazing view. And to top it all off – the moonlight shone through a rainpour that gave us a rainbow. In the dark! Almost forgot to take the picture.

But this came out great. I love the photos that come with a story to it. And this one was fun to capture. Everything went right. Have a look above. Click on the photo for a larger view.