I grabbed my camera after work and headed for Alnes. I’ve been planning a trip out there in my head all week and today, it could not be a worse weather to climb the slipper rocks out there – but when you set your mind to something – yes, you can actually act a bit stupid..

But it all went really well, despite of the pouring rain that kept coming non-stop through the day out there.

I’ve recently got my hands on a Canon EF 17-40mm f4.0 at a really reasonable price. This is a good and wide lens for those wide angle landscapes where my trusty 24-70 is a bit narrow. I’ve usually been doing panoramas by stitching images together in Photoshop to cope with the fact that I did not have a wide angle lens, but the times are changing!

Anywho! I snapped this photo alongside the slippery rocks on Alnes. The play on colors was awesome today. And this wedged rock in the pot was just what the whole image needed. Truth be told, I stood right in front of it to the right for about 10 minutes looking and snapping pictures in my head of everything else. Ended up with a photo of something I almost overlooked – and those photos tend to be the best ones.

I really like this one. Wondering about a larger print for myself of this 🙂

… and of course. Should you want one – you know where to find me *winkey smiley face*