It’s been a while since last update here on the blog, but it all comes down to the «Hjertesaken» project I’m doing for the Children and Youth ward at Ålesund Hospital. From 1 of November to the 10th I’m auctioning away a printed and mounted photo called «White Waves» to their benefit. All the income goes straight to their ward, and is ment as a gift to the children and parent who have to spend their time at the hospital during the December month. The ward may use the income to their needing, either gifts, entertainment or whatever they see fit for their guests. So far the bid is at 2.500 NOK and it’s still a couple of days left of the auction. Crossing our fingers.

The above photo was waken during last seasons aurora season at Alnes. I arrived at Alnes at about midnight, but then the clouds had covered the whole scene. I waited for about two hours before the clouds lifted for about 15 minutes. This was the product after the long and cold wait. Surely worth the time.