Aurora Forecast

I’m not the most eager northern light chaser, but I tend to glance over at the aurora forecast pages now and then when I have some days off at work and can stay out late. No curfue, haha.. And last night, the kp number was predicted to be about 5. This is a number that represents the latitude of wich the northern lights are visible. Here in Ålesund, we’re in kp4. So yes – a good sign that the night might bring some light shows. The only downer to the whole plan, was the weather itself. Cloudy, and absolutely no chance of clearing up. Still, I packed my camera and tripod and headed out the door when the clock was passing 11 at night. Came home around 4, and as predicted, no clear skies, and no show. But what do you do when life gives you lemons? You set up your tripod and point the lens somewhere else interesting. You thought I was going to say lemonade, didn’t you? Yup, I’m crazy wild like that…

Long exposure

I’m a big fan of long exposures, and as the image above shows – yesterday was no exception. It must have been a couple months ago, but my half brother had his birthday party at a dock house at Godøya and just outside, there was this old rusted down pier or dock that lead out from the shore. Not much to look at during the night, but I thought to myself that I had to come back and try some long exposures with this one. The result is posted above. The only thing that would dot the i in this photo, would have been som crazy northern lights above. Wishfull thinking.

Anywho! I’m rambling on. Yesterday was the last day of the auction for the Children and Youth ward at Ålesund Hospital. We ended up on 3.200,- NOK for the case, and we’re really happy about that!