The last post was from Eikremvannet. This one is from a lot further down the road, Runde. As I was arriving to Runde, you get to Rundebrua (Runde bridge), the last one before you land on the Runde island itself. Just before, you get to a clearing and a large top with a lighthouse on it. Just as I was driving through here, the sun was setting and this gave large rays of warm light over the sky and the scenery, in contrast with the blue freezing road.

Stopped and climbed this hilltop to get a better view of the scenery. This was composed with 3 images in a technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range). This is to better capture light going from dark to light. The span from darkest to lightest is larger in real than the camera can handle. A great technique when done right, but can also be very artistic when done. Well. In another way – can’t say wrong. It’s a matter of taste 🙂