Photo: This shot is taken at the one lookout point set up at Trollstigen. A 30 second exposure to capture all remaining light.

So Trollstigen happened. And by that I mean I drove for a little over 2 hours from my home town Ålesund to Trollstigen, just outside Åndalsnes. This was right after a great night with amazing northern lights here at home, and I thought I might get lucky with a scenery as Trollstigen in the foreground, and the same show in the sky.

Sadly, no. The show was only for one-night-only. BUT, as the scenery was still there – I got a few shots in the bag before I left the observatory (if I can call the installation that) and headed home.

To my great surprise, my dear mother (my long time fan of whatever I might be doing or creating) tagged along. So did the family dog – Chanel. I know. Macho name. Not my doing… They kept me company for the whole trip, and that was really nice of them to do. Usually, I’m on my own on these spontaneous trips and adventures.