Checked the predictions for northern lights this evening, and headed out to Molnes to try out some timelapse of the show. The sky cleared up and I set up my tripod and camera. 45 minutes went by of constant shooting. Just as I was packing up and thinking about heading home, I got the idea about a self portrait where I light up the sky with my flashlight towards the milky way. Snapped two shots and got the framing right, as I shot the third one, I pointed the flashlight upwards and saw a star shooting across the sky. For what seemed as an eternity I had to stay perfectly still for the whole exposure, when I really wanted to run back and see if the framing got the shooting star.

And the result, well, I couldn’t be more happy about it!


This turned out to be quite the self portrait. I shared the photo on my facebook page and as I’m looking at it, over 300 people have liked and shared the photo. This is beyond my grasp of awesome! The local newspaper, Sunnmørsposten, posted an article that made the front page! And I’m worried I’m running out of exclamation marks in this update!!

So my dear blog, today I had a great day. Hope you had one too 😉