As the hours of the day passed, the winds of the storm «Ole» was gradualy picking up. I watched the weather forcast for today and decided to pack my bag and head for Molnes to get some windy shots towards Rossholmen. Figured the waves would be quite large as the winds picked up.

Spent a few hours wandering the shores and filling up my memory cards with weather goodness. The waves were great. Walking up and down, the wind picked up a great deal. Actually, to a point where I walked in a fourty five degree angle to stay on my feet. The wind blew a cold chill into everywhere it could. I lost the feeling to both my face and hands, but still. It’s amazing to witness such power.

Photographing the whole scene was a bit of a challenge, since the winds were so strong. I brought along a tripod for support, and I had to kneel down and support the tripod with my knees to get the shots I wanted. The sea spray was also a bit of a hassle, I could just compose a couple of shots before I had to wipe down my lens. But I have to say – concidering all this – this was one of my most rewarding photography trips to Molnes. It left me with a lust for more. Stronger winds, bigger waves – witnessing more of the raw power.

All though, it’s easy to get a bit eager when you’re sitting at home, writing a blog post with the heater turned way up 😉