During this time, I would have predicted a lot of summer themed photos here on the site, but since we here in Ålesund chose to go from spring, skip summer, and get a head start on fall – the amount of summer shots have declined. But to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of summer themed photos. It’s not quite my style, and I like the more weather heavy shots, or at least a bit darker themed in combination with nature.

Since last time, Ålesund has gotten a new addition to it’s resumé – «Byrampen». This is a overhanging ramp, built in concrete with glass railings that overlooks the city from a lower angle than Fjellstua, the lookout point on the top.

The local newspaper and a bunch of talented photographers has taken their shot of this new attraction, and as many individuals that visit – as many different versions you get to see. It’s quite the view, standing out there on the ledge. And since the railings are see-through, you really get the feeling of the height you’re placed on.

So if you’re ever in Ålesund, and get the opportunity to visit Fjellstua and the stairs leading up to it (I know you’re more likely to hitch a ride with the bus up there 😉 … You should add a visit to «Byrampen». It’s quite the view!

Have you recently been to Ålesund, and maybe taken a snap of this new creation? Leave a comment down below here in post, would love to see it.