Photo: «Store Helvete» at Molnes with an amazing show of northern lights above. Click for larger size.

So last night was awesome. To say the least. I just finished a 9 hour shift at work when I saw the jawdropping show in the sky. I grabbed my camerabag and headed for Molnes, Vigra. I knew I had to get out the city to escape the light pollutions created by the city lights.

So there I was, in the middle of the field, pitch dark and just me and the camera. I thought the show was finished and I’ve just missed it. But it took five minutes and the sky exploded. What was once pitch dark, was now a color splash of green, purple and blue. I stood there for a while, just staring at the sky. Forgetting my gamera and the reason for driving all this way.

I snapped some shots at the field, and wandered over to the shore. I knew from previous experiences that the stones and carvings along side the ocean, would be a nice touch to the sky show. Would you not agree?

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