Yesterday was a great day, weather wise, in Ålesund. We had a great cloudless day with a side dish of spring feeling all day. And I must admit, this is great after a cold and dark winter. Things around you start to spring to life, and you kind of catch the feeling and tag along. And since the whole day was clear, I thought the sunset at the evening would give som great colors to finish it all of. And man was I right.

I packed my gear in the back of the car and headed first for a place called Tueneset in Ålesund. This is a place on the back of Skarbøvika and Hessa. It faces the open sea, and they’ve also placed an aquarium centre here. And surrounding this place, there are grawel walk paths that lead you through ruins of WWII bunkers and all the way out to the edge of the cliffs overlooking the island Godøy in the horizon. And combining all this with a great sunset, the result was as seen below here. Great!

IMG_2570-HDR-Edit - blog_1024x_72px

During the past week, I also caught a glimpse of a readers photo in the local newspaper. This was H. Fiskerstrands photo, and it was from Tueneset. I was amazed by the great composition and wanted to see if I could find this place. And I shure did! It was a merely 2 minute walk from the parking lot and down towards the marina. So if you see this H. Fiskerstrand – thank you for the inspiration! I find it very rewarding when I find people to harvest inspiration from (or in this case, copy a bit).

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After my visit to Tueneset, I drove in to centrum of Ålesund to catch the last colors of the sunset. And as a drove by the dock at Skateflukaia, I saw the sun setting just beside the lighthouse in the marina. And what a sight! I parked the car and walked over, set up the tripod and watched the sun set between the lighthouse and the surrounding islands of Ålesund.

And as soon as I mounted the tripod, another photographer joined in on the same spot. And another, and another. During the last colors, there were around 15-20 people standing and witnessing the last colors of the day. Surely a sight to behold.

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