During the nights sudden occuring snow fall, the whole town of Ålesund was covered in white. We’ve been snowless for most of January, so this is more of a mark to us that it’s still winter here. And yes of course, the temperature is quite the reminder too.

As the sun rose, the warm tones bursted through the heavy clouds of snow and coverd the town in a two-toned scenery. This was quite the sight. Still being able to see the passing snow clouds out in the open sea. So I grabbed my camera and headed up to Fjellstua, the lookout point up on the mountain here in Ålesund. From there I got a great view over Ålesund. This is a post card view, and a real tourist angle since everyone shoots from here. I’m not that fond of this, but when the sight is this good – it really does not matter. And to be frank, it’s the best view over Ålesund.

The shot was composed of 3 exposures and stitched together to create an expanded dynamic range of colors. This let’s me capture a whole scene, covering from the darkest to lightest. Without loosing information when processing. A technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range).