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Ruben Molnes – born in 1989 in Ålesund, Norway. A coastal city on the western part of Norway. Growing up, he was surrounded by rough nature and this played a big part forming a passion for nature and landscape photography. Exploring the mountains, fields amongst and the seaside – the passion grew. Being surrounded by these elements, he got first hand experience of what was common and what was hidden, unexplored and unique.

Through the years, Ruben has developed a recognized style of photography and has become well known in his home city of Ålesund. Even though his photography career is just starting, it has set marks and milestones already.

Through his photography, Ruben wants to display the rough and untouched nature around, which most overlook and take little notice to.

«We’re placed right in the middle of exceptional surroundings, and it becomes common to us. Most overlook the rough and untouched nature that still persists amongst us, and it’s in this I find my quest – to capture, develop and pass along the unnoticed – and through this process, the unnoticed becomes unique. Displayed and appreciated.»

«During my first solo exhibition here in Ålesund, I was asked in an interview what made me enter into the art of photography. This hit me weird, and I was finding it difficult to answer the question. It had always been something that fell natural to me, and I was fascinated with the art of capturing non-made scenery and passing along the feeling of being there, in the middle of it. The answer in the interview was no way near as reflected as above, but it made me think of it.»

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